Why Invest in Women & Girls

Communities are stronger, our economy is more prosperous, and our nation is more just when we invest in the health and well-being, economic self-sufficiency, and leadership and empowerment of women and girls.

Despite these benefits, nationally less than 8 cents of every dollar invested by organized philanthropy is targeted to women and girls. This is why we exist as a Women’s Fund—to harness the power of women’s philanthropy to create transformative social change for women and girls, our communities and our nation.

Why Women

Community Strength

  • Improving the lives of women translates into better educated, healthier children and strong community role models. Empowering young women helps them make smarter, healthier decisions that will influence the course of their lives.
  • Women, at every level of means, reinvest on average 90% of their income back into their families and communities. (Calvert Funds)
  • A girl without a high school diploma has a 90% probability of raising her children in poverty.  Girls that complete at least secondary education go on to have fewer and healthier children who are more likely to stay in school.  (US Census)
  • Increased investment in women’s health is proven to significantly improve family outcomes which in turn reduces poverty, helps strengthen community and promotes economic growth.  “Similar to education, investing in women’s health has a multiplier effect.” (World Economic Forum)

Economic Prosperity

  • Women control 85% of all consumer purchases.  Increasing women’s financial strength can provide valuable economic stimulus to our local, state and national economy. 
  • Increasing women’s employment and wages to parity with men would generate an additional 9% in US GDP. (Goldman Sachs)
  • “Women are an under-valued resource and key to America’s prosperity.” (Warren Buffett)

Societal Strength

  • Among developed countries, the US ranks lowest on most measures of women’s economic security, health and well-being. Equal opportunity and empowerment for 52% of our population is simple human rights and makes us a stronger, more just nation.

The Women’s Fund of Essex County focuses at the local level because we believe that local change is sustainable change.